Little Black Cloud


(Yeah, I know. I’ve been writing, or attempting to write, lots of poetry. I have a couple of short stories I want to post, but I’m still working on them. It’s been raining a lot around here and I haven’t been feeling great, so Little Black Cloud was born.)

There’s a girl I know with a round face
And downcast, hazel eyes that stare at the space
Between her red shoes.
All she sees is her little black cloud’s shadow.

The sky can be the brightest blue
Or her green lawn covered in morning dew,
But it doesn’t matter.
Her little black cloud hides it all away.

Her feet drag on the cracked sidewalk;
She tries to ignore those who gawk
At her gloom and downcast eyes.
She despises her little black cloud.

“They don’t get it! I’ve tried to run and hide
But that bit of darkness won’t subside.
The regrets and hurt hit hard.
My little black cloud rains on me.”

She looks around, in vain,
Wanting to see light and color again.
Yet, she is denied those joys
While the little black cloud hovers over her.

“Little black cloud, leave!
Your presence is a torment! Give me a reprieve!
You’ve robbed me of so much.
Little black cloud, just leave me…



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