Running Away


Yesterday, I asked for story ideas on Facebook. I received a few suggestions and this story was born.  It’s not my best work, but I did write this in less than twenty-four hours. That has to be slightly impressive.  Hopefully, it’s not too terrible.


When I was a little girl, you should’ve seen me run. I could sprint from my front porch to the corner in less than a minute. I could outrun all the boys in my grade, but that didn’t stop them from challenging me during recess. My parents and teachers had a difficult time keeping up with me, and it made me feel powerful; I was a kid who could beat the adults at something. Continue reading


Pretty (Short Story)


Olga took a long look at her reflection in the bathroom mirror.

“I’m short, have frizzy hair, and a huge zit is erupting from my chin. I’m a triple threat.”

She pumped the pink, slimy soap on her hands and lathered her hands until globs of white foam covered them.

Maybe the florescent lights just make me look really bad.

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